Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year

It's funny how the year passes by and we wonder what actually happened this year. New year's eve has never been so important since having children, we normally head on down to the manly fire works and have a picnic by the sea. Last night we had a quiet bbq at my brothers and home by 10pm and tucked into bed by 11.30pm - yep didn't even make midnight. oh well! We did however spend new years morning at the beach before every body got sooo tired they almost collapsed in the sand.  This is one of our traditions and for me it has become more important than new years eve itself.  We have a beach only steps away and here are some shots from back in winter when we didn't have to share the space with anyone else other than the seagulls. These are lovely times and are exactly what filled 2010 up with. Happy new years !!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

apples, apples, apples......

With apples being a part of my market display I always come home with a bucket full of granny smiths. I know the choice is obvious - apple pie all the way however I am not a huge fan of apple pie. Apple crumble? yes, apple flan? yes however I was wondering if anyone out there has an unbelievable apple recipe for me?? I would love to hear from you. I know last time I made puree for a friends baby however there was so much of it the poor boy is probably still eating it!

These are some of the fabrics which didn't make it in the last range of clothing. When I begin to create I tend to have way more ideas than my budget or time will ever allow me to complete. That is what I love about sewing though every purchase is an investment, supplies to be put into the fabric bank for a rainy day, you have got to love that.

When I am in market mode I never get to make anything for my own girls and now with that behind me (until the next sewing frenzy) I can focus on creating some new styles for my little lovelies to wear in this summer weather - that is when it isn't raining. These fabrics I grabbed from spotlight and are a stretch fabric (I was thinking the less ironing the better) and really want to play around with different directions of stripes in the one dress. So that's what I am up to at the moment.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

mathilda's market and fashion parade!!!

okaydokey so as you all know this weekend is a very special mathilda's christmas market lane cove and it's going to be a beauty, sooo many fabulous stalls to take a look at and of course underneath the apple tree will have some very exciting stuff this year.  you have already seen a taste of it on my blog however pop on down and see it all on show. we have loads of pretty summer dresses, rompers, bloomers, hair accessories and new to underneath the apple tree are the cute giraffe softies in beautiful prints. all would make lovely christmas gifts, we hope to see all your smiley faces at lane cove this sunday xxx

the parade......

now onto my next very important piece of information, the up and coming kids fashion parade.  all profits go to a really good cause - bear cottage. so dig into your pockets and please buy a ticket for a great cause and come down to rialto square manly next wednesday to watch the parade whilst enjoying a champagne brunch, not to mention a 25% discount on children's wear in store after the show.  there is plenty of room for the kids to come along and enjoy the show. labels like mama papa, chalk and cheese, coco and ginger, munster and underneath the apple tree. you can call the shop to pay for tickets 02 8966 9555 but be quick tickets are selling fast, more details below. hope to also see you there!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i do love to sew!

well, as you can imagine my sewing machine is in over drive at the moment and i am having nightmares of rocking up at mathilda's market with nothing on my little hangers, you know like that dream where you arrive at school and look down to find you are naked. that one is a beauty! always enters my sleeping domaine when things are extremely hectic. not to mention that i called one of my sewers today to see what what time to collect the completed work and she says she thought it was next week, fabulous! anyhow i guess there is no real point in stressing something in which i can not change. lets just hope i arrive on sunday with my clothes on.

i have really enjoyed creating my most recent dress, it is a recent pattern in which i have amended and made my own. i think my litte redhead would look lovely in this one. x

Monday, November 22, 2010

heads down bums up!!

well with less than two weeks until the next market my head is definitely firmly down with my bum up, it is crunch time and this house hold is feeling the pressure.  i never know where the time goes.  i have decided to run this style as a an easy wear beach dress. i think it is important to have these pieces in the wardrobe for the little ones to wear to the beach or park and that are easy to wash for the mummies(or daddies) and need no ironing. it will come in an aqua jersey also.

this is lovely willow (twin number two) or b twin as they liked to call her when she was inside and certainly needs a few tips on how to model the piece without looking like you are about to cry.

this is one of many creations i will be showcasing at the next mathilda's markets 05 december at riverview college lane cove. i will be reminding you all the week before x

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the prairie skirt

Introducing the prairie skirt, this has been my project for the last couple of days to make a size run from left over fabrics which i don't have enough left to make dresses. One of the things i love best is combining prints and textures so this project was something i really enjoyed. these will be at the next mathilda's markets at lane cove on sunday 5th december. 2 1/2 weeks left and counting!

my little model looking lovely in the prairie skirt (i just need to let her know gently, she can't keep this one!).  For orders please email me.

Friday, November 5, 2010

This is a new pattern for me (oh and how I hate new patterns!) i love the part once you have drafted, constructed and completed a little item and it looks fabulous however the in between doesn't really excite me.  I have been really looking forward to using this beautifully light cotton voile and what better than on a  baby jumpsuit. The pattern needs tweaking and even though this one isn't quite finished I think it will turn out very nicely. Shame my model won't let go of her beloved bear for her model shoots!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A first for everything

After many nights behind my trusty Janome sewing machine "underneath the apple tree" was born. With my first market behind me I will now post my very  first blog and hope you are intrigued enough to follow all the lovely creations which are in the making.