Friday, November 5, 2010

This is a new pattern for me (oh and how I hate new patterns!) i love the part once you have drafted, constructed and completed a little item and it looks fabulous however the in between doesn't really excite me.  I have been really looking forward to using this beautifully light cotton voile and what better than on a  baby jumpsuit. The pattern needs tweaking and even though this one isn't quite finished I think it will turn out very nicely. Shame my model won't let go of her beloved bear for her model shoots!


  1. My mother bought one of these little suits for my 6 month old daughter at the Sydney Mathilda's market a couple of weeks ago. It is just gorgeous and I have been putting it on her every hot day we've had!

  2. thanks for your message kate, it is always so lovely to get some positive feedback.