Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Art of Craft............

For those of you who sew or craft you will know how rewarding it can be. Not only can it be hugely relaxing, it can be a great way to save money also.  Your stash determines who you are no less than the way you behave. It is like an novel written about you left open for all to see. The range of colour and quality and texture always there to add to and save and cherish for that rainy day, that is what brings me to the first couple of photos, this is what I managed to pull together quickly for one of Ivy's school friends for a birthday present.  On weeks when funds are limited and time is an issue this quick dress is a beauty and came from retromummy. Fabric from Lincraft given to me by my lovely mum.

The lovely Willow.

My mum has taught me to sew and I will always cherish that time she gave me and talent she has passed on. She has just moved up the coast and although I am so happy for her retirement I miss her terribly already (yep, not yet 14 days!)

We often talk about fabrics and sewing stuff. She has the best stash ever! and a gadget for almost anything crafty.  Some of her stash I would have to say is almost vintage. Sorry mum! But really it is, I unpacked her sewing room for her last week at her new house and seriously......how much track suiting fabric could one really want? Did people really wear matching track pant and top out of the house? 
There was something really special about going through her collection and seeing her years creativity unfold in front of me. So here mum this post is for you, a tribute from one sewer to another - thank you for all that you are and all that you have taught me.