Monday, November 22, 2010

heads down bums up!!

well with less than two weeks until the next market my head is definitely firmly down with my bum up, it is crunch time and this house hold is feeling the pressure.  i never know where the time goes.  i have decided to run this style as a an easy wear beach dress. i think it is important to have these pieces in the wardrobe for the little ones to wear to the beach or park and that are easy to wash for the mummies(or daddies) and need no ironing. it will come in an aqua jersey also.

this is lovely willow (twin number two) or b twin as they liked to call her when she was inside and certainly needs a few tips on how to model the piece without looking like you are about to cry.

this is one of many creations i will be showcasing at the next mathilda's markets 05 december at riverview college lane cove. i will be reminding you all the week before x