Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is something one of my girls says - all the time and this is exactly how I felt when finishing my first quilt. Some how I thought it would be easy making a quilt especially one which is just squares! Little did I know and sorry to those I made light of. So machine stitching squares together should technically be quite easy however it wasn't until I put the whole thing together with the backing that I realised how accurate  one must be with their measurements. 

With much perseverance and about a year later I completed my first quilt and I must say I do love it, all top fabrics are Ami Butler. The free motion quilting was beautifully done by a clever crafty friend of mine and I used a bamboo batting in between which is not bulky however lovely and warm. The edges were bound together with pre-made bias binding (to save time not money!). 

Now I just need to make two more so I have one for each of my lovely girls.