Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year

It's funny how the year passes by and we wonder what actually happened this year. New year's eve has never been so important since having children, we normally head on down to the manly fire works and have a picnic by the sea. Last night we had a quiet bbq at my brothers and home by 10pm and tucked into bed by 11.30pm - yep didn't even make midnight. oh well! We did however spend new years morning at the beach before every body got sooo tired they almost collapsed in the sand.  This is one of our traditions and for me it has become more important than new years eve itself.  We have a beach only steps away and here are some shots from back in winter when we didn't have to share the space with anyone else other than the seagulls. These are lovely times and are exactly what filled 2010 up with. Happy new years !!!