Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Winter Knits...

Ok, so it would have been nice if we had some happy smiley faces but we got there in the end.

This beautiful cardigan was knitted by our dear Aunty Ros, she is AH-MAYZ-ING! I sent her a picture of the sort of styles I liked (from the Seed website of course) and she whipped this one up in less than two weeks. It is a beautiful cotton from the wool shed and came up so soft. Aunty Ros put so much gorgeous detail into - she is a mighty fine knitter and has since completed two more cardigans for the twins. You may not see the cute little pockets on the front (just like grandpa had!) where Ivy loves to put all those little things, which are of high importance, you know like barbie shoes, lollies etc.


So thank you Aunty Ros we think you have done a fab job and hope you will continue to knit for us in the years to come xx