Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a quickie....

Things have been rather hectic around here, we have to move from our amazing little spot on the beach, so with the house hunting and the normal house hold stuff that goes on there hasn't been a lot time for creating.  I have been doing a lot of fabric "research" one might say - ok buying lovely fabric. Ooooo I love you "the fabric Store" Surry Hills.

Anyway just thought I'd share a little dress that I made out of some of the sale fabric I bought at the end of last year, very inexpensive so a great one to wear to kindy.  It is a variation on the Willow dress with a sleeve which is cut away and left un-hemmed. 

Hi mum

I did a size five in yellow and white stripe (photos on the way) and it literally took less than an hour to cut and sew. I used stretch needle which made the fabric easier to work with.

Jersey fabric

It is very hard mum to watch Charlie and Lola and text at the same time!

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  1. adorable! love the dress but boo hoo to moving! someone looks like their daddy!
    we miss you guys and I have to organise something when keira is on school holidays!