Monday, January 17, 2011

long time no speak...

It has been a long time between posts and although I am not a daily poster I am a closet poster. I post in my head, however anything that has come to mind in the last week or so seems so menial compared to the natural disaster happening across our country. The stories in which are unfolding have been tragic and devastating for us to watch, imagine experiencing this first hand. I am so lucky that nothing this devastating has ever happened to me.  The most tragic thing I have experienced in the last week was my twins pulling the keys and their plastic casings from the keyboard of my macbook! clearly not even worth mentioning.  So my silence is just, one would say and if like me funds are not flush any thing helps and if you have a little or a lot, any help is welcomed. For cash donations head to

oh please!

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  1. Opps - it has been a huge week - one which I dot wish to live through again - and I have only watched it and helped friends where I could. Ouch to the keys - they dont go back on once they are off to easily when little fingers have had a play either.